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Menstrual Cycle & Fertility Awareness

Updated: May 8

Menstrual cycle and fertility awareness

Embarking on a journey of understanding one's menstrual cycle is not only empowering but also essential for reproductive health and fertility awareness. The menstrual cycle, often shrouded in mystery and stigma, is a natural and intricate process that every person with a uterus experiences. Let's delve into this fascinating cycle and explore how fertility awareness can empower individuals in managing their reproductive health.

Fertility awareness involves tracking various biomarkers such as basal body temperature, cervical mucus consistency, and cervical position to identify fertile and infertile phases of the menstrual cycle. This method enables individuals to understand their unique patterns and make informed decisions regarding contraception or conception. While fertility awareness can be highly effective when practiced diligently, it requires commitment and education to accurately interpret the body's signals.

Beyond its role in family planning, embracing fertility awareness fosters a deeper connection with one's body and reproductive health. It encourages open conversations about menstruation and fertility, debunking myths and dismantling stigma surrounding these topics. Moreover, fertility awareness promotes a holistic approach to wellness, emphasizing the importance of nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle factors in optimizing reproductive health.

The menstrual cycle is a natural phenomenon that holds profound significance in the lives of women. By embracing fertility awareness, we not only gain insights into our reproductive health but also reclaim agency over our bodies and choices. Let's foster a culture of knowledge and empowerment, where understanding our menstrual cycles is celebrated as a vital aspect of holistic well-being.


On my recent episode of the Wellness Pod, I had a chat with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, creator and host of the Fertility Friday podcast and blog. We talk about her work as a Fertility Awareness Educator and a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner. 

You can find out more about Lisa at

Link to Podcast Episode:

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