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  • Dr. Shari-ann James

IVF: A Dad's Perspective

IVF and fathers

Going through IVF as a father is an emotional and often challenging experience. From the outset, there is a mix of hope and uncertainty. During this process, fathers can view their primary role as being a support to their partners through the physically and emotionally taxing process. This involves attending numerous doctor's appointments, learning about the procedures, and providing comfort during the more difficult moments, such as hormone injections and invasive tests. It's a period where patience and understanding become essential, and open communication helps in navigating the rollercoaster of emotions that both partners experience.

Financial stress is another significant aspect of the IVF journey. The cost of treatments can be substantial, requiring careful budgeting and sometimes difficult financial decisions. Despite these challenges, the process can strengthen the bond between partners as they work together towards a shared goal. Every step, from the initial consultation to the embryo transfer and the anxious waiting period that follows, is a testament to the couple's commitment to becoming parents. For dads, it can be a time of growth and learning, where supporting your partner and staying hopeful are key to managing the ups and downs of the IVF journey.

On this episode of The Wellness Pod, I talk with author Keegan Prue about his family's journey with IVF. Keegan shares his inspiration to write "The IVF Dad", and the emotional challenges faced by him and his wife. 

You can learn more about "The IVF Dad" here


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