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  • Dr. Shari-ann James

Back to School

September is back to school season. For many it signals the transition from summer vacation and camps to another grade level in school. For a few it is less a transition and more a new beginning. I think of all the changes in our family over the last five years, and wonder about the changes ahead.

This month my five-year-old entered kindergarten, and it was a true moment of reflection as I thought about how much she is developing, growing and learning. I think about the cliché refrain I have heard so many times over the years: Time really moves faster once your kids start school. While I am excited to see her learn to read and write before my eyes, I am sadden by how quickly it's all flying by. Not too long ago I was preoccupied with finding the best puree recipes, and my trepidation and reluctance having to place her in daycare at six months. Now its bento boxes, lunch kits, and PTA activities.

It will take me some time to adjust to having a school aged child. Yet while I adjust, she continues to grow. I know I have to cherish and embrace each moment with my kids. And if the speed with which my kindergartener grows temporarily overwhelms me, at least my three-year-old still has two more years in pre-K.

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