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  • Dr. Shari-ann James

Dark Side of the Full Moon

Only when we stop for a moment in our forward march of human progress and turn our gaze to the past, do we truly appreciate how far we have come as a society. In that retrospective, we can usually pinpoint the seminal moments that signal the leaps in progress that propel our lives forward. One day in our not too distant future, observers will hopefully look back to our current decade as the moment in history when maternal mental health emerged from the shadows. The documentary film, “Dark Side of the Full Moon”, is a watershed moment in the push to bring awareness to the issue of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. After suffering through postpartum depression, director Maureen Fura turned her camera on the 1 in 7 women who suffer in silence. She chronicles the stories of women who were shunned and pushed to the side by their doctors, and by a society too busy to notice their pain. Particular attention was given to the lack of action by the medical community in addressing maternal mental health, and their reluctance in even acknowledging the problem altogether. “Dark Side of the Full Moon” needs to be seen by more people, more families, more medical practitioners. Our future awaits.

Maureen talks about her journey and "Dark Side of the Full Moon" on the latest episode of The Wellness Pod.

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