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  • Dr. Shari-ann James

Living Well in the New Year

Updated: May 9

As we begin a new year, it can be a time of reflection and frantic goal setting. We reflect on the year that has come to an end, our accomplishments and our shortcomings, the things we gained and the things (or those) we lost. The proverbial ink has dried on the journal entries of 2016. That finality can breathe a sense of hope, as the optimism of the unknown illuminates the myriad possibilities in the year before us. While some may feel hope for the coming year, others may dread the challenges ahead.

In our lives, there are many aspects that are out of our control. However, we can attain a sense of peace and practice mindfulness by being present in those moments that give us purpose, by embracing life in all its facets and being attuned to our emotions. Remember to take care of yourself and make your wellbeing a top priority. Happy new year!

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