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  • Dr. Shari-ann James

Boundaries | Balance | Breathe

Covid-19 has thrown our lives into chaos and blurred the once distinct lines between work, office, school, and home. Alarm clocks and schedules have been thrown to the wayside, especially now that school is out and many parents are transitioning from substitute teacher’s aides to at-home summer camp counselors. How do we keep our families safe while keeping each other sane?

Set boundaries. If you feel like you’re being pulled in different directions and you’re being asked to give more and more of yourself, it is important to set boundaries. Does working from home mean your 8 to 5 has morphed into 10 to 10? Establish clearly defined times during which you will engage with work. Just because you spend time with your kids during the day, doesn’t mean you should work through the night to make up for it. The reality of this situation is that our children are now part of our workdays.

Find balance. Do you find yourself taking care of everyone’s needs except your own? What is something that you have been wanting to do that’s just for you? Recognize that if you are not feeling your best, you cannot be your best self for your family. As hard as it can be, strive for balance in meeting everyone’s needs including your own.

Lastly, breathe. Amidst all the chaos of 2020, please take time to breathe. Mindful and purposeful breathing will promote relaxation in this stressful period of our lives. Attend to your mental health and be kind to yourself.

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Nov 21, 2022

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